Our Strengths

Providing One-Stop Legal Services

Tanabe & Partners, since our founding in June 1978, has established a management philosophy of providing one-stop legal services. We are well prepared to provide one-stop, high-quality legal services across a wide range of legal fields, responding swiftly and precisely to the demands of clients that have become ever more diverse in recent years.

Expertise Backed by a Wealth of Litigation Experience

From our founding to the present day, our firm has been involved in many types of litigation, including large-scale suits. This wealth of litigation experience has equipped Tanabe & Partners with unique strengths that allow us not only to respond to legal problems that have already arisen, but to provide accurate and precise advice for the purpose of preventing such problems. In addition, we also provide effective support for the formulation of strategic business policies, on the basis of the foresight we have gained from this litigation experience.

High-Quality, Diverse Staff

Tanabe & Partners is active in recruiting and hiring superior new attorneys. In addition to nurturing talent through on-the-job training, we strive to secure a high-quality and diverse staff by making ourselves a welcoming home for experienced judges, former leaders of central government ministries and agencies, corporate officers, and other members with advanced knowledge and experience in various fields.

Enhancing Our Expertise through Study

To ensure that Tanabe & Partners can respond with precision to increasingly complex and diverse client needs, our individual attorneys engage in diligent self-development through study and further enhance their expertise through interpersonal interaction. Our firm has also established practice groups (including the Corporate Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labor Law, Business Revitalization, and Medical and Healthcare Law practice groups) so that those attorneys can share experience, knowledge and knowhow about cases in each specialization. In these and other ways, Tanabe & Partners is always working to increase its expertise.

Integrated Information Sharing within the Firm

At Tanabe & Partners, we approach cases with a sense of unity, supported by close communication and smooth information exchange between attorneys, by which we bring together the wide-ranging knowledge and experience of each member of our team. By facilitating cooperation among attorneys with expertise accumulated through experience in various legal fields, we provide high-quality legal services through teams of attorneys in each of these specialties, including for complex cases that raise multifaceted legal issues.

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