Introductory Message

Founded in June 1978, Tanabe & Partners is proud of its established track record and reputation as a leading law firm in Japan.

In recent years, with all fields and disciplines becoming increasingly borderless, the societal demands placed on law firms have become ever more complex and sophisticated, demanding an ever more rapid and precise response.

In response to these societal demands, since the foundation of our firm we have conducted our practice in accordance with our management philosophy of “providing a diverse range of one-stop legal services swiftly and at high quality, not only by handling litigation, disputes and other legal proceedings, but by advising to prevent such conflicts and litigation, and by supporting strategic planning in consideration of various legal issues.” For this purpose, we have been engaged in constant study to keep up to date on issues in a wide range of legal fields.

Our firm today is home to a versatile group of approximately 50 attorneys. We assemble and coordinate legal teams optimized for each case, with the aim of providing high-quality legal services that respond swiftly and correctly to all legal issues.

Going forward, our ambition is to be united in further deepening the comprehensiveness and specialization of our practice, to strive to provide even more sophisticated legal services, and to continue tirelessly in all our efforts.

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